THIS FASHION, a review by me. No sarcasm here.

1. How do you find this site? (in 3 words)

It’s my homepage.

2. Who do you think the site is created for?

For people who wear clothes. Definitely not for blind people, that’s for sure.

3. What are the good attributes of the site?

Firstly, it spelt fashion correctly.

I love the design! it’s so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes.

The navigation is just marvelous. I tried navigating through the site with my eyes closed, I was still awake! that says alot.

I took a look at the source code and I have to say … I was blown away! It must be using some futuristic and sophisticated alien scripting technology like windows 98 pentium 2 or something.

I also like the site’s sense of humor … they have none. I was  thoroughly entertained while browsing through that site. I’ll definitely visit it everyday; not that I don’t already.

Actually, I was lying. I was just trying to make the site designer feel good so that they can  be ambitious enough to work harder. How thoughtful is that?

Personally, I thought it sucked donkey ballz.

4. What are the bad attributes of the site?

WHAT??!? how could you ask me that?

Do you know what I saw when I looked at that site???


Once again, thoughtfulness.

The probability of that site’s designer visiting this blog is quite high you know…who knows?

Personally, I think the designer should just stop designing sites and just wash toilets.


Top secret stuff only for ur mom to see.

These are statistically accurate.


JPG version :

Site Objectives




PDF version :

Site Objectives



More important business than last time

Here is my answers to your questions.
1.What is Browser-Safe Color Palette / Web-Safe Colors?

Browser-Safe Colours are specially picked colours that looks the same even if viewed from different monitors. Browser-Safe Color Palette also consist of 216 solid colours that are non-dithered. Thus making them not dangerous and therefore, save for the browser and on the whole, save for the world.

2.Is it still relevant in today’s context? Why?

It is not relevant in today’s context anymore because monitors created at this age of very mystical high-technology are too powerful for displaying only lousy 216 colours instead of millions of colours that we see everyday in this colourful and beautiful world. So it is actually not needed anymore thus making it pointless and useless; but it should be used more often to prevent it from feeling neglected though.

3.What are the common fonts face found on PC & Mac?


Courier New
Lucida Sans Unicode
Palatino Linotype
Times New Roman

4. What is page loading time and how does it influence your design?

When a page loads, it takes time. That is called page loading time. It depends on your internet speed  how long it takes to load a page. If you are rich, you can buy a faster internet connection thus having shorter loading time. But if you are poor, you wouldn’t have money to buy a fast internet connection and end up having a sucky connection. You shouldn’t be using a computer anyway. But you can use the  computers in the public library to load  pages faster. It influences your design in more ways than one; if your web page has too many pictures, videos and words, it might take longer to load and thus making poor people with slow internet pissed off. So it is better to organize your web page to have the fastest loading time to save the world of unnecessary pissed off-ness.


Read about Web Design Process article above and write what you think about it.

That website did not have a single picture in it (not counting the one of that guy who doesn’t even know where the camera is). That is a bad thing because I have an attention span of a squirrel. But I have learnt alot of new information that I did not know about before reading it. It tells me about webdesign and the work flow process. I think that it was full of nonsense ‘unfamiliar’ words. But it was all explained very well. I finally understand what it is to be a webdesigner and what must be done inorder to have a properly done website. It is interesting to finally know the science behind what we use in our everyday life. It makes me want to work very hard to be the best webdesigner in the world and create the best webpage in the universe.

Hopefully in the future when I really do become the best webdesigner in the world, I would make a better website than this guy and take him out of business and eventually convince him to work for me…for minimum wage.

In summary, this article gives me the passion to be a webdesigner because it shows me everything and no longer makes me feel clueless.


Serious important web designing business

Here is my answers to your questions.

1. Name as many browsers as you can.

Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Google Chrome

2. What are browser wars?

Browser wars  is a non-violent competition between internet browsers. The browser with the  better feature would win the war.

3. What is an IP Address?

IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is an address which represents and used to identify the location of a device which is participating in a computer network.

4. What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It shows where to find a specific resource or information in the internet and helps to retrieve it.

5. What is a good website?

A good website is a site that serves its purpose without much or any advertising. The navigation should be straight forward and it should be easy to access and most of all, safe with no virus and stuff.

Not all of it is copy paste work.


I fell on my head…twice, not counting last week.

True story

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